Get Ready for a Gold Rush with Gü Gold

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Have you met the latest addition to the Gü line-up? Gü Gold may just be our most indulgent treat yet. Our chefs created this limited-edition delight to celebrate our 20th anniversary. And the timing couldn't be better for all of us who are feeling a touch of the winter blues. Gü Gold is the best way to banish your troubles for a little while, giving in to the pure luxury of our latest creation.

What is Gold Chocolate?

Don't worry, we didn't add any actual gold to our Gü Gold, that would be a real waste. And probably not very good for your teeth, or tummy. 

Gold chocolate at Gü is actually caramelised white chocolate: think of it as next level white chocolate. It has the added sugary caramel notes that make it a golden touch more indulgent.

So, What Can You Expect From Gü Gold?

If you follow Gü on Instagram, you may have caught a sneak peek of our latest launch. If not, get ready for the most luscious golden dessert you can imagine: new Gü Gold.

It's so golden, it's fit for royalty.


We've given chocolate the golden touch, to create the gold standard dessert. 


We call it the gold standard dessert as it has four rich golden layers to dig in to – thankfully you only need a spoon, not a spade!

Dig into a gold mine of moreish gold chocolate caramel crème.
Layered over silky-smooth gold chocolate cheesecake.
Next, a luscious layer of gold chocolate crème.
All smothering a crumbly, crunchy biscuit base.      

So rich, it's enough to turn anyone into a gold digger.

Did We Strike Gold With our Latest Treat?

Our sources say yes. We can confirm there has been a gold rush at Sainsbury's .


Available exclusively in Sainsbury's, Gü Gold is the perfect way to banish any winter blues. But it's equally delicious on a hot summer's night too. Because there's never a bad time to indulge, right?


Have you struck gold yet? Experience the gold rush of the perfect Friday night treat with Gü Gold and get ready for golden hour.



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