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What Makes Gü Vegan Desserts So Irresistible, You’d Never Know They’re Plant-Based?

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Are you tired of vegan treats that just leave you feeling ‘meh’? Maybe they are OK, but don't leave you needing second helpings? Do you crave the creamy, pillowy sweet and squidgy layers of a Gü treat, but are vegan, or flexitarian? We hear you.


This is the sign you've been waiting for, to try our sumptuously delicious vegan Gü range. You won’t regret it. We promise.


Before we developed our mouth-watering range of vegan treats, life could be a little uninspiring when it came to plant-based treats. Other vegan desserts just don’t have the melt-in-the-mouth, give-in-to-temptation, gotta-have-it-right-now-i-ness of Gü.


So, when we developed our own Gü range of vegan treats, we knew we couldn't get it wrong.

Our chefs took making plant based desserts just as delicious as our original range very, very seriously indeed


Our Gü kitchen is always buzzing with treat obsessives, working out the best ways to bring you moments of pure Gü delight. We didn’t want our vegan friends to miss out on the Gü love a moment longer than they had to. So, we put all our energy into creating our plant-based desserts, in record time.  


Creating the perfect vegan cheesecake is a lot harder than it sounds.


Thankfully, our Gü treat obsessives have plenty of patience and passion to perfect our plant range, so they’re just as delicious as the rest of our treats.  


They did it: The best-tasting vegan desserts became a reality.

Gu Plant Zillionaire Gluten Free Vegan

The secret? Our light, creamy and moreish coconut cream, teamed with the experience and expertise of our Gü treat makers. The dream team.


100% dairy free. 100% delicious. Certified vegan, making our plant-based treats perfect for vegans, and everyone else.


And Gü vegan treats are so scrumptious, even non-vegans are getting in on the plant-based action. And recently, we’ve seen a sharp (and sweet) increase in conversation about our plant-based and gluten-free dessert range. So, we know we’re doing vegan right!


So, if your fridge is full of vegan treats that you tried, and realised were not up to your standards, it’s time to try our Gü vegan desserts range.


Go from underwhelmed and a little bit sad about the other failed vegan treats you’ve tried, to over the moon you’ve finally found a new plant-based obsession.


Go from craving a creamy cheesecake, without the dairy, to a cheesy grin, when you dive into our vegan cheesecake, made with coconut cream.


So which plant-based vegan treat will you try first?


Of course, this all depends on what flavour you’re craving. You can see the full vegan and gluten-free dessert range here. Read on to find out more about our top three plant-based treats. Beware, you’ll crave them all before you reach the end!



Gü Plant Zillionaire Cheesecake is our newest vegan dessert

Our Gü Plant Zillionaire Cheesecake is a great place to start exploring our vegan delights, because we’ve packed five, yes five layers of dairy-free and gluten-free flavours and textures for your tastebuds to enjoy:


The bronzed sugar for a decadent crunch.
The oh-so-smooth plant-based chocolate ganache.
A fluffy layer of coconut cream cheese.
Non-dairy coconut cream caramel, so rich it’s almost unbelievable.
A gorgeously gluten-free cocoa biscuit base.


Yep. We are proud of this little treat and you can check out our plant-based ingredients here.



Gü Plant Salted Caramel Cheesecake is a bestselling plant-based dessert

Next up is our wonderfully sticky, utterly creamy, and totally plant based Gü Plant Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Oh yes, we went there. No longer do our vegan friends have to go without this delectable taste combination. Let’s dive in:


Sticky, rich, decadent plant-based caramel crème.

Oh so fluffy, cloud-like vegan vanilla cheesecake made with sumptuous coconut cream.

Salted caramel sauce that perfectly caramelises the crumbly gluten-free biscuit base.


There are two of these vegan treats in a pack, but we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll eat them both. Check out more details of this plant-based dessert here.



Gü Plant Spanish Lemon Cheesecake is a long-standing favourite

When you want a taste of Spain, without the dairy, you need a Gü Plant Spanish Lemon Cheesecake. Satisfyingly sharp and sweet, made of nothing but plants:


Our signature light and airy melt-in-the-mouth lemon cheesecake, made with coconut cream.
A layer of rich lemon curd.
A golden gluten free biscuit base.


So summery, whatever the season, this plant-based beauty is hard to beat! See all the details here.


So, have we tempted your tastebuds with our Plant-Based desserts enough yet?


Next stop, the chilled cabinet of your nearest shop, or a cheeky delivery, right? Then feet up, spoon at the ready, box set on, and complete your perfect Friday night.


Finally, we can all enjoy Vegan treats, without missing out on the indulgent taste of Gü.


Get your Gü in an instant, or find it in store at all the best shops.



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