Gu Zillionaire Cheesecake Dessert Treat

5 Reasons Gü Zillionaire is the Most Indulgent Dessert Ever

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Here at Gü, we know a thing or two about sweet treats. And we know even more about making the most indulgent dessert ever. You could call us the experts.



We believe your Friday nights deserve the best and most indulgent treats, because you've worked hard all week and deserve something delicious.



And we think Gü Zillionaire Cheesecake is the most indulgent treat of all: we bring you the showstopper. Packed full of the most indulgent combination of flavours and textures possible.



So how do we cram all that indulgence in? It's a real skill, which is why we have a team of experts in the Gü kitchen, dedicated to creating the most indulgent desserts for you.
Gu Zillionaire Cheesecake Layers

What Makes Gü Zillionaire our Most Indulgent Dessert Ever?

When some people say less is more, we believe more is always more.


We're talking more indulgence.


More sweet, sticky, melty, crunchy, crumbly, creamy, rich deliciousness.


And, of course, more layers.


Here at Gü we are all about the layers, which is why Gü Zillionaire has five of them. (Five is the most we can squeeze into one of our ramekins. Trust us, we have maxed out on layers now. We had a big clean up job when we tried to add one more.)


Each of these scoopable layers is essential, as they all combine to make the most indulgent dessert, topping a Millionaire Cheesecake by two layers.


So, let's dive in, from the top:



Layer 1: Surprising Bronzed Sugar

We use 20 tonnes of our iconic bronzed sugar sprinkles every single year.


Layer 2: Smooth, Rich Double Chocolate Ganache

We blend both milk chocolate and dark chocolate with fresh cream to create our delectable double chocolate ganache. Need we say more?


Layer 3: Sumptuous Treacle Cheesecake

The recipe for our cold-set cheesecake is one of our closest-guarded secrets. This one has added treacle for even more indulgence, and a subtle liquorice twist.


Layer 4: Gorgeously Decadent Salted Caramel

It took our Head Chef Fred Ponnavoy 45 attempts to create the perfect salted caramel for this layer. Perfection takes time and dedication, and it was absolutely worth the wait.


Layer 5: Cocoa Biscuit with Added Crunch-Appeal

Our bottom layer supports all the others, adding the perfect dark cocoa biscuit base to complement the richer layers.

There's more to Gu Zillionaire Cheesecake Dessert

And there you have it. That's what makes Gü Zillionaire the most indulgent dessert, ever.


All those textures. All those tastes.

All on one spoon. All at once.


We just love it when it all comes together.


Speaking of coming together; see how these layers come together in our new TV ad, celebrating Gü Zillionaire's 10th birthday. It shows off just how deeply indulgent Gü Zillionaire Cheesecake really is. It's the next best thing to dipping into those layers yourself!



Do You Need a Gü Zillionaire Now?

We know we've given you a craving, so if you need to get your hands on one of these almost unforgivably indulgent desserts ASAP, head here to get a delivery, quick smart.



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