How to do Happy Hour at Home (Without the Hangover) with Gü Mixology Desserts

How to do Happy Hour at Home (Without the Hangover) with Gü Mixology Desserts

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What do you get when you cross the scrumptious indulgence of , with the delicious decadence of the UK’s favourite cocktails? You get Gü Mixology cocktail desserts. Oh yes, we went there.


These three delicious cocktail inspired desserts give you all the happiness of happy hour, at home, and without the hangover. And you can even enjoy whilst wearing your PJs. Originally launched exclusively in Asda, you can now get your spoon into Gü Strawberry Daiquiri, Passionfruit Martini, and Espresso Martini at your local supermarket. We thought you’d want to know.



Why Cocktail-Inspired Desserts?

So why did our Gü chefs whip up these dreamy cocktail-inspired desserts? Well, research shows that 7.4 million of us drink cocktails when we go out, which is up 13% since before the pandemic. And there are more than 43% more of us making at-home cocktails!


We know Gü fans love delivery services, because when you crave Gü, you need it ASAP. That ties in with research that shows sales of drinks through takeaway and delivery services are up 15%, with 49% of cocktail drinkers saying they like the idea of a cocktail delivery service.


So, we thought: what if you could get the best of both worlds? After a lot of experiments and tests in our Gü kitchen, Gü Mixology became a reality.


Interested in what it takes to be a Gü chef? Meet Chef Emily and find out.




When is the Best Time to Enjoy Mixology Cocktail-Inspired Treats?

Because our Mixology range doesn’t contain as much alcohol as regular cocktails, you can enjoy them any time of day. It also means there’s no worry about driving, or a hangover.




You can enjoy our Mixology range at home, or on a picnic, as an addition to brunch or afternoon tea at home, or as an evening dessert or late-night treat: you call the shots.


These treats are also great to serve at a party, as everyone can choose their favourite individual cocktail-inspired dessert. We think Mixology would be the perfect treat to make a Eurovision party go with a bang. Raise your glass (ramekin) to toast the victors.


And of course, you could always make yours a double (they do come in pairs, after all.)


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What Layers are In Gü Mixology Cocktail-Inspired Desserts?

Because we are all about those lovely layers here at Gü, our Mixology range has depths of flavour to tingle your tastebuds. Let’s dip into what you can expect from each of our three Mixology treats. Whichever you choose, Gü cocktail-inspired desserts are sure to raise your spirits.



Love Strawberries? Our Strawberry Daiquiri Dessert is Ideal for You


If you want sunny holiday vibes, we recommend Mixology Strawberry Daiquiri.


This fruity number lets you dip into juicy, rum-infused strawberry daiquiri compote over strawberry daiquiri cheesecake, zesty strawberry and lime curd. And finally, you’ll find a crunchy red biscuit base.


Crafted with real Jamaican rum for a berry authentic taste.

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Love Coffee? Our Espresso Martini Dessert Is Perfect for You

Espresso yourself with an after dinner Mixology Espresso Martini that won’t keep you up.


Satisfy your coffee craving with chocolate coffee pearls, luscious French coffee liqueur cheesecake, buzzy coffee crème, all layered over rich coffee and cocoa biscuit.


Crafted with coffee liqueur for a brew-tiful coffee flavour.

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Love Passionfruit? Our Passionfruit Martini Dessert Is Perfect for You


When you want the queen of cocktails, try our remixed Mixology Passionfruit Martini.


You’ll be shaken and stirred with chocolate-covered popping candy, luxe passionfruit and Champagne compote, vanilla and vodka cheesecake, and perfect passionfruit curd, all layered over a crunchy biscuit base.


Crafted with vodka and champagne for a taste fit for royalty.


 gu mixology passionfruit martini cocktail dessert ramekin lifestyle photography


Now you don’t have to choose between a cocktail or dessert, because with Gü Mixology, you can have both in one. It’s the treat your Friday night has been waiting for.




Want to Inspire Our Next Gü Mixology Happy Hour? 


We’d love you to tell us which cocktail we should give the Gü Mixology treatment to next. We want to expand our treat menu to include more Mixology varieties, so please pop over to fill in our short’n’sweet form and let us know which cocktail you’d like to be transformed into a delicious dessert.



In the Mood for a Gü Mixology Treat Now?


We know we've given you a cocktail craving, so if your spoon needs to be in a Gü Mixology  Treat ASAP, head here to add some to your shopping basket, and you’re good to Gü. Enjoy cocktail time, anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to your Happy Hour!

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