The Best Kept Secrets To Perfect Chocolate Mousse

The Best Kept Secrets To Perfect Chocolate Mousse

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Here at Gü, we're kind of famous for putting layers of indulgent ingredients into our treats for grown-ups. Our award-winning Chocolate Mousse is no different, thanks to the crave-worthy layer of silky-smooth chocolate ganache you'll find hidden beneath the rich and fluffy mousse. To celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day on the 3rd April (possibly the best ever national day?) we’re letting you in on the secrets to what makes Gü Chocolate Mousse so perfect.

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Where The Mousse Magic Began

Mousse is a French word, meaning 'foam', or 'froth'. And boy, is our mousse intensely frothy, thanks to tonnes of air bubbles being whipped into each ramekin.


The method to making the best chocolate mousse started in France, too. Our recipe is based on Gü's Head Chef Fred Ponnavoy's Grandma's family recipe, as it was the first dessert his Grandma taught him to make. And from there, it became Gü bestseller.



What's So Great About Gü Chocolate Mousse?

Gü's secret recipe for mousse success is four-fold.


It's made the traditional French way, with eggs. Using eggs as well as cream means our mousse tastes more intensely chocolatey than ones made just with cream.


Gü mousse is super-rich, and dense, with fewer bubbles than other mousses. It's so rich and sticky, it'll even stick to your spoon.


We took our mousse to the next level, by layering it with ultra-rich double chocolate ganache, made with silky yet sticky blend of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. This really brings out the depth of flavour and makes it even. more. scoopable.


Finally, using salted butter adds a touch of saltiness to all that the sweetness.


Perfection, just like Fred's Grandma used to make.

 gu chocolate mousse dessert ramekins

What Else Has Gü Done To Upgrade The Humble Mousse?

Not content with creating just one perfect Chocolate Mousse, Gü caters for the mousse connoisseurs. So there's a choice between Dark Chocolate with Ganache, Milk Chocolate with Ganache, and Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel. Decisions, decisions.


Is Chocolate Mousse Vegan?

Regular mousse is made with eggs and cream, so it's not vegan. But don't worry. We have our Vegan friends covered thanks to our Plant range, which is made without eggs or cream.


We don't want to brag, but our Plant Chocolate Mousse with Ganache has all of the bubbly deliciousness of chocolate mousse, but it's made only of plants.


No dairy. No gluten. No less indulgent.


How do we do it? A pinch of magic, combined with coconut cream and aquafaba.


If you love salted caramel (and let's face it, who doesn't?) we also have a vegan dark chocolate mousse with a layer of salted caramel you'll find hard to resist.

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Is it Easy to Make Chocolate Mousse?

Mousse is not the most difficult thing to make. But to make it as well as our Gü chefs? That's more of a challenge for us mere mortals.


Often homemade mousse can be grainy. That could be because the cream is too cold, making the melted chocolate clump together. Or it could be because you beat the eggs too much. Homemade mousse can also be too thick and heavy, without the light airiness you'd hope for. That may be because the fat content of the cream is too high. Sometimes, DIY mousse is too runny, which may be because the chocolate isn't high quality. Basically, all sorts of things can, and will, go wrong when attempting to make your own mousse.


It all sounds quite stressful, doesn’t it.


In our experience, making chocolate mousse is best left to the experts, to avoid disappointment. Or straight up crying.


Not ready to risk making your own mousse catastrophe? Luckily, we have the answer: just buy it. No prep needed. Just a spoon, and a sofa to recline upon as you scoop up those layers of moussey perfection. It really couldn’t be easier. Some may call it lazy. We call it smart. 


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Where to Buy The Best Chocolate Mousse

In need of a chocolate fix? Great news: you're already in the right place. You can either pop to your local supermarket to scoop up Gü Chocolate Mousse, or head here to get those lovely layers through your favourite delivery service. Whether you want original Gü Mousse, or Plant, those delicious bubbles are waiting for you to dig in. 

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